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Kittens, Classes and Cool Things
Okay...Hmm Cool things...Damn. Not too much of those. My writing isn't going very well. Okay...it's going fairly well. It's going really well just...I feel odd. All my stories come out twisted and a bit  demented. I'm trying to make an overall arching themes in my stories so far.

Just because...well...as if they happen in different places in a multiverse. Different realities. Here are some themes that I want to keep:

The Dwindling: The World Breaking down, the levels of everything coming down and being devoured by something outside, something beyond. A behind the scenes incomprehensible villain

The Bone Walkers: Servants of Death...that walk the bone path that leads them from place to place across the universes. They deal with the dwindling of death.

Whispers/Voice/Language as Power: The power of magic...in whatever form being as expressed through words. Or rather through the voice...the words not matter so much as being channeled into voice

Different Levels of Reality: Apart from a difference of planes...different entire planes of reality within a given universe. A surface one and a "deeper" and a "higher"

Others: Beings from the deeper or higher places, other things...inhuman and not quite comprehensible.

So those are some story things. Class went pretty well. I read a lot. Otherwise the day goes boringly. About the Kitten....that's private haha :P


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