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Sooo Today
Today's been an odd to interesting day. Starting to talk more and more with my online pen-pals. That's been quite interesting. Woke up at ten this morning, which is an hour earlier than I like to wake up on Saturdays. Seeing as I get up at four-thirty to four-fifty every morning, I think I deserve to wake up every Saturday a bit later. I may be wrong though, I admit that.

I did a lot of creative brainstorming last night, dug deep into a lot of old memories. Still working on my whole laughing things story and the protector with the little children. Anybody curious about that, if the laughing things in the darkness sounds interesting at all I'd be happy to elabaroate as well. I just don't feel like it for right now.

Hmmm. We went to best buy looking for a new laptop for my father, we went looking for a dvd, we also went to the bookstore to find school books for my sister that she still has not picked up. I want to get some new reference books but I really shouldn't spend the money on it at the moment.

Any suggestions for reference material? Or all around, for things to look into? I'm looking for new approaches to writing. For new things to write about just all around new things new perspectives. Stories, images everything. Anything. 

I'm still exploring my writing style and still exploring things I want to write about. At the moment my family and I are actually playing D&D anybody know the game? Or are interested in it here at all?

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The laughing story sounds very interesting and Neil Gaiman-ish. Elab via email?
As for the reference material, I really think you'd like a book called Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris. It's a sort of twisty mystery with murder and a school rooted in the past and it's extremely well written. :)

Okay I will I'll send you some more on it. I'll just add it on to the extra questions and things I was going to send you anyways, since I've already sent you the one e-mail today too.

That does sound quite good. Hmmm...I'll have to look into that thank you.

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